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Why your organisation needs dedicated business internet from Converged Group

Dedicated business internet from Converged Group is essential for organisations that are reliant on a stable internet connection.

The sporadic internet connection issues that often come with regular broadband products can cost your company time, money, and customers – whereas dedicated business internet will keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages of dedicated business internet

Converged Group’s dedicated business internet solutions provide customers with guaranteed bandwidth through a 1:1 contention ratio.

In contrast, traditional broadband packages often have much higher contention ratios because you share the same “internet pipe” with many other users.

For example, if 20 households share a 20Mbps pipe, and each home has its own 20Mbps broadband package, this constitutes a 20:1 contention ratio. In simple terms, it means that if all households are using their connection at the same time, they will each only get 1/20th of their possible maximum speed.

A 1:1 internet connection from Converged Group removes this issue completely, as you are guaranteed to get the speed you pay for by having the whole pipe to yourself.

Converged Group also works closely with new and existing residential complexes, estates and business parks to provide end-to-end reliable internet services and business solutions.

Service and redundancy

Converged Group’s uncontended lines guarantee unshaped, uncapped, and symmetrical bandwidth to provide you with superior connectivity.

Your internet service is further enhanced by SLA-backed redundancy options that are incorporated into your installation.

This redundancy offers built-in automatic or manual failovers to backup links, ensuring that your business continues to thrive in the event of a connection failure.

Converged Group also offers redundancy across all undersea cables that link to South Africa – including SAT-3, WACS, and SAFE – so your international connection doesn’t cut out in the event of undersea cable failures.

The SAT-3 and WACS cable breaks that affected South Africa in 2020 were a huge problem for local businesses, and Converged Group has ensured its clients will never face an issue of this magnitude.

Converged Group

While the upfront cost of dedicated business internet is more expensive than traditional broadband alternatives, the service offered by Converged Group is far superior and will save your business money in the long run through the consistency, reliability, and redundancy it offers.

Converged Group can also rapidly deploy connections, as it is a certified last-mile fibre installer. This reduces the number of third parties involved in the installation process to save you both time and money.

Your business can choose from tailor-made packages that offer speeds from 10Mbps to over 1Gbps, so click here to learn more about dedicated business internet from Converged Group.

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