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Converged Group – For all your business communications needs

Converged Group is unique in that it is equally proficient across Layer 1 (Fibre Network Owner), Layer 2 (POP/Backhaul) & Layer 3 (ISP), unlike most organisations who only specialise in one of these layers.

The world of work has changed and your business must have powerful communications solutions if it wants to compete.

Ideally, you would also receive all of your communications and connectivity solutions from a single provider.

Converged Group makes this a reality, with its vast range of communications and connectivity solutions and presence in Teraco datacentres across Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.

This solutions provider is a tech-rich organisation with a ratio of 70% technical resources to 30% commercial, and offers three layers of solutions – FNO, Backhaul, and ISP, for a true end-to-end experience.

These solutions cover three main product categories – Connectivity, VoIP, and Cloud Telephony.


Modern business systems are built on fast and stable internet connections.

Converged Group has therefore built a number of connectivity packages that are VoIP-ready and offer uncontended bandwidth as well as unshaped and uncapped connectivity.

A router and an SLA are also included as part of these packages, while speeds range from 10/10Mbps to upwards of 1Gb depending on your needs.

Converged Group has national POP ownership and an ongoing build strategy to optimise its data backhaul, too, and is peered with all other major Layer 1 vendors for LIT services.

It is even a certified last-mile fibre installer, which helps rapid deployment while reducing the number of third parties involved in the installation process.


Converged Group has negotiated agreements with several leading network providers to get its customers the very best VoIP services on the South African market.

These carrier-grade voice solutions include 9 outgoing routes for redundancy purposes – including on all four major local mobile networks – while all management of your VoIP solution is done in-house by Converged Group.

This makes your calls clearer and more stable, which is crucial for both business calls and internal meetings.

Cloud Telephony

Converged Group has spent nine years building its cloud telephony product, and this has helped the service provider develop a feature-rich, mature, and stable product.

Important features available from Converged Group include an integrated call centre package, an integrated, fully-encrypted cloud voice logging platform, open APIs for easy integration, and applications for Android, PC, and iOS.

All of these features and applications are developed in-house so that they offer seamless interoperability.

Click here to learn more about Converged Group’s communications solutions.

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